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I’m a kickass Content Writer, specialising in ADHD, Addiction Recovery and Wellbeing.

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Blogging is a fantastic way to share your insights, connect to your people, and demonstrate your knowledge, wisdom and empathy.

Regular blogging also helps to improve your ranking on search engines, so more people can find you. I can work with you to devise the perfect blog strategy, and create compelling, SEO friendly, engaging blog posts to draw your dream clients to you.

Article Writing

While short blog posts have their place, if you want to build authority and credibility, and see rising organic search traffic to your site, you need long, well researched, in-depth articles.

I can help with keyword and subject research, linking to relevant authority sites to boost SEO credibility, formatting and everything else required to turn you article into a powerful credibility and traffic booster

Bespoke Services

While these are my main services, I can work with you to create the copy and content that you need.

Other services I can provide include

  • proof reading and editing
  • web copy
  • email marketing
  • white papers
  • social media content writing
  • blog post editing
  • WordPress management

If I can help with any of these, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs


Don’t take my word for it. Other people think I’m pretty good with words too!?

Check out what these lovely people have to say!

I adore this woman. Smart, quick, talented and kind beyond measure. It has been such a pleasure to work with Esther.

I was having such trouble getting started on a series of emails that I needed to write. Esther created the structure, had so many great ideas and made light work of something that had literally taken me weeks to even start.

The best part is that she really cares and makes you feel like she’s not just a copywriter but a real member of your team.

Tracy Otsuka

Podcast host and ADHD Coach, ADHD For Smart Ass Women

Esther and I first met when we were both part of the same marketing support group. I have always admired her knowledge of Yoga and have learnt a lot from her about breathing correctly. I have not only practised the strategies she teaches, but found they work equally well for my sales coaching clients.

When I read more of her work I knew she would be the only person to write a blog post for my sales blog about relaxation and breathing techniques for busy and stressed out sales professionals. I was very impressed by the knowledge she shared, which was highly relatable to my coaching clients. Esther certainly knows how to share knowledge in a way that resonates with the audience she is talking or writing to and I certainly recommend her work!

Susan Marot

Sales Coach and Author, Succeed at Selling

The work Esther produced for us was a joy to read.

We loved how she had clearly looked at our other blog posts, and adapted her own writing style to suit ours, so that it appealed to our readership.

Esther delivered the piece within the agreed time, and we were delighted with its addition to our website.

If you are looking for a talented, creative writer who is able to deliver content your readers want to see, I would highly recommend you work with Esther.

Joe Nagle

Innovation Director, The Innovation Beehive

Esther was an amazing safe pair of hands on a recent project that I’d had in my mind for years and helped me to make it a THING!

She was quick, she was professional and made it super easy to work with her. She took something beautiful and made it even better!

I was so grateful for her help and know I’ll work with her again in the future.

She has a gift for words, as it’s not writing, it pours out of her heart and onto paper, it flows from here.

Nicola Buckley

Women's Leadership Coach, StrongHer You

About Me

I love writing!

One of my earliest ambitions as a child was to write a book I was going to write the next Narnia. I don’t think I got very far with it, and never thought that I could *really* be a writer, but I learned otherwise when Yoga teacher training changed my life and gave me my voice!

Since then, I have written a book, been published in a national Yoga magazine, written hundreds of blog posts for my own and other people’s websites, and have written thousands and thousands of words for my own healing and self discovery.

I love the way that words can change lives. They can transport us into another world, it can show us possibilities we never thought of, inspire us to want more for our lives, and give us the skills and knowledge to make that change.

Your ideal clients are looking for solutions that only you can provide, And with the words on your website, in your emails, in the resources you provide them with, you get to show them what is possible for them, and how you can help them achieve it.

It will be my honour to be part of that process of helping the people you love to help!?

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