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Blogging is a fantastic way to share your insights, connect to your students, and demonstrate your knowledge, wisdom and empathy. Regular blogging also helps to improve your ranking on search engines, so more people can find you. I can work with you to devise the perfect blog strategy, and create compelling, SEO friendly, engaging blog posts to draw your dream students to you.

Social Media

Social media is such a fantastic way to speak to your people! You can find your dream students, create amazing community, and establish your place in the Yoga world in real time on your favourite social networks, I can help you devise the perfect strategy and content for your social media channels, ensuring that you are seen by the people who will love to learn from you.

Web Copy

Your website is your online home. It is your space to show who you are, to share your love and understanding of Yoga, and to connect with and inspire current and potential students to work with you. If your website needs a bit of a refresh, I can create copy that speaks to them as well as you do in your classes, so they will know that you are the perfect teacher for them.

Esther and I first met when we were both part of the same marketing support group. I have always admired her knowledge of Yoga and have learnt a lot from her about breathing correctly. I have not only practised the strategies she teaches, but found they work equally well for my sales coaching clients.

When I read more of her work I knew she would be the only person to write a blog post for my sales blog about relaxation and breathing techniques for busy and stressed out sales professionals. I was very impressed by the knowledge she shared, which was highly relatable to my coaching clients. Esther certainly knows how to share knowledge in a way that resonates with the audience she is talking or writing to and I certainly recommend her work! 

Susan Marot

Sales Coach and Author, Succeed at Selling

About Me

I love Yoga! I loved it when I thought it was just about getting a sleek, bendy body. I fell in love with it even more when it gave me health, sanity and a new lease of life when I trained to teach. As well as saving my life, Yoga gave me a deep love of writing, and helped me find the writer in me that I had forgotten was there. 

One of my earliest ambitions as a child was to write a book I was going to write the next Narnia. I don’t think I got very far with it, and never thought that I could *really* be a writer, but Yoga helped me learn otherwise. 

I have written a book, been published in a national Yoga magazine, written hundreds of blog posts for my own and other people’s websites, and have written thousands and thousands of words for my own healing and self discovery. 

Blogs, websites and social media have helped me at every stage of my journey into Yoga, healing and writing. They have shown me I am not alone in my problems and worries. They told me there were solutions I could access. I have found my ‘tribe’ by reading their words in some amazing online spaces. I have learned so much from reading the words other people have generously shared online.

Words can be so powerful. Words connect us to the people we need to connect to. We learn who we and other people are through the words we read, write, speak and hear. I want to help you connect to your people, to share your wisdom, insights, experience and teaching. To help you find your perfect students, those people who are waiting to learn what you want to teach. The people who will be inspired and empowered by you. Who will bless the day they came across your blog or social media profile. 

They are out there waiting for you. And together, with your expertise about your teaching, and my words, we will find them!

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