About Me

A Yoga loving, outdoorsy, hiking, tattooed, rock chick single mamma writer. 

How can I help you?

I’m Esther Nagle

Yoga has given me my life, and my voice. I turned to Yoga teaching following a breakdown in 2013 that led to me leaving full time employment, and seeking a less stressful way of life. 

My training showed me that the stress in my life all came from me. It gave me the tools to manage it without the cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs and rage that had been my coping strategies for 20 years! 

Through Yoga I also learned that I love to write, and to finally recognise that I can write words that others enjoy reading. I have found significant healing and growth through my writing, as well as a wonderful tool to connect with others. 

While there is much I enjoy in life, writing is where I find my ‘flow’ and ease. It is the way my insights, understanding and knowledge come through best. It is a powerful tool for healing, self discovery, personal growth and Swadhyaya.

Yoga teacher

I completed my training in 2014 at Om Yoga Studio in Cardiff. The training changed my life, helping me heal, and showing me what Yoga is truly about.



I have been blogging for over a decade, and have learned much along the way. I have written hundreds of blog posts, for my own and other people’s websites.

You can see some examples of my work on my portfolio page


Yoga gave me freedom from addiction, and allowed me to become a writer, when I published my first book, Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction through Yoga, in 2016


I am a proud single mamma to 3 sons, and one dog daughter. My youngest still lives at home with me, and keeps me feeling younger than my body is! My kids all inspire me, and remind me that I have so much to be thankful for in life!

With my words, I can help you connect with your dream students.

I can help you share your values, your insights, your wisdom and your expertise.

We both know that Yoga is far more than the form of exercise, or fancy posturing that much of modern Yoga makes it seem.

Yoga doesn’t need gimmicks or to be ‘fused’ with anything else.

You know as well as I do that Yoga is a way of life that can transform every aspect of your being.

We know that it is about so much more than what your body can do.

You want to show people that Yoga isn’t just for the thin or impossibly bendy, that Yoga is available to all.

To inspire people to seek the answers they need in life within, in their breath, their body, their intuition. You know that Yoga can offer them this.

Together, we can help your dream students to find the solutions to their problems that you and I know Yoga can offer them.

We can inspire them to grow and strengthen themselves through Yoga, and to learn to depend on their own inner resources to deal with life in an increasingly complex and challenging world. 

My Values


As much as possible, I endeavour to live according to my values in all aspects of my life. This isn’t always easy, but life is a lot easier, happier and more satisfying when I do. 

Yoga gave me a strong sense of values in the Yamas and Niyamas. These have influenced my life since I did my training, and while I am far from a perfect example of how to live in alignment with these most beautiful of values, I do my best, which is all any of us can ever do.

My three core values, on which I try to base my life are love, connection, and tapas (the Niyama of Self Discipline).

These values impact how I live daily, and how I show up for you and your dream students.


I love Yoga, and I love writing. I will put this love into all I do with you, and I will treat your dream students with the same love and care I would treat my own.

Love encapsulates Ahimsa and Satya, and I will never write anything I think is harmful or untruthful. There are some aspects of Modern Yoga that I will not cover, such as alcohol in Yoga classes, because I believe these to be harmful and distorting the truth of Yoga. 

When we work together, you will receive excellent service from me, our agreements will be met, I will be open and honest with you at all times, will not promise or agree to anything I can’t deliver, and will protect your brand and business as if it was my own.  


We are wired to connect. As humans, we have the capacity, and need, to connect to others, to ourselves, and to the world we live in. We need this connection to survive, to thrive and to grow.

Yoga offers many powerful tools to help deepen these connections in all areas of life. 

You connect with your students when you work with them in person, and through your online presence. 

Together, we can expand and deepen these connections, bringing your wisdom and teaching into the lives of many more who need to find you. 

You can help them connect to themselves, and I can help you connect to them!


Yoga is a path we follow for life, a journey that has no end point until we reach our end. We are always learning and growing. My value of Tapas is a reminder for me that however much we have learned and grown, there is always much more to do.

I have ADHD, and so Tapas is daily work for me. My Yoga practices help enormously, as does my medication!  And thankfully, I love technology, and the tools it offers to help with time and task management. I use a variety of tools to keep myself on track with work, and to ensure I do the things I need to do. When we work together, I will create a shared workspace where I will keep you updated with the work I create for you, note key dates and deadlines, and schedule meetings. 

I am 100% committed to the work we do together, and will ensure that my ADHD is never your problem. 

“If the book is true, it will find an audience that is meant to read it.”

Wally Lamb

Your dream students are out there, looking for the solutions you can help them find.

Let’s find them together!