My Work

I have written for a variety of websites, and for a range of audiences. You can see some examples of my work here.

10 Reasons to Make Workplace Wellness a Part of Your Company Culture

For The Innovation Beehive

5 Stress Busting Tools For Busy Sales Professionals

For Succeed at Selling

Yoga for Mental Health and Mindful Living

For Valleys Steps

The Long Walk to Recovery

for The Armchair Mountaineer

I Found Myself on a Yoga Mat

For Sober Mommies

Learning to breathe transformed my life

For British Lung Foundation

10 Ways To Manage Stress In Sobriety

For Workit Health

Why Your Breath Is a Powerful Tool for Recovery

For Workit Health

How to beat the stress of the morning commute

for Birds on the Blog

I am a Yoga Girl

For Yoga Girl

5 Ways Yoga Can Ease Chronic Pain In Addiction Recovery

for Workit Health

8 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

for Sober Mommies

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